Retracing Major Andrew Thompson’s Steps With WWI Maps

On November 10, 2016, Map Specialist Gord Beck from McMaster University’s Lloyd Reeds Map Collection in Mills Memorial Library delivered a standout presentation to a captivated audience.

His talk was called “Back to the Front 100 Years Later: Retracing the Steps of A. R. Thompson Using WWI Trench Maps” and a highly detailed Powerpoint accompanied his remarks.

Given the time of year with Remembrance Day falling on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in a few short days, Ruthven Park staff have worked to provide the wider public with access to this remarkable presentation in honour of the Thompson family members and all of those in Haldimand County who fought in WWI.

The slideshow has been converted to a PDF document and Gord Beck’s excellent notes have been embedded into the pages so that readers can follow along easily.

The document will have a permanent home on the “History” page of this website, but we will also share it here below so you can download a copy to your computer or electronic device directly from this blog post.

Back to the Front 100 Years Later Presentation by Gord Beck – click to download

A special thank you to Gord for making this presentation available to Ruthven Park staff and for giving his talk in the first place! It’s not every day that you get to feel as though you’re walking beside someone on the front lines of history, and Gord has made this possible.

For those interested in World War history looking to commemorate this year’s Remembrance Day on Saturday, please join us for our “Remembrance Day at Ruthven Park” afternoon event starting at 1:00pm, featuring a tour of the Thompson Family Mansion, a fantastic talk by Dr. Marty Wood on the Thompson women’s involvement in WWI, and an acclaimed performance of “From Ruthven to Passchendaele” by Studio Babette Puppet Theatre. You can read more about the event by clicking here.