November 2017 Newsletter

Dear members and friends,

The beautiful month of October has come and gone, and it was such a busy month that we didn’t manage to prepare a newsletter for you until this week when activities quieted down on site!

November is a time to remember and reflect as we commemorate Remembrance Day and the brave people who gave their lives in wars throughout history. To view our November 2017 newsletter, simply click on the link below in this blog post and download the PDF to your computer or device. Inside, you’ll find a photo recap of what happened here in October, a call for Grey Rat Snake box volunteers, a summary of owl banding activities from a last year, and much more. We hope you enjoy reading it, and do pass along your comments and questions to when you’re finished reading.

We hope to see you here soon for our Remembrance Day at Ruthven Park event or one of the Christmas events we’re planning for December (see the last page of the November newsletter)!

November 2017 Newsletter

All the best,

Ruthven Park staff