Hiking Trails

Riverside Trail

~ 1.1km

The Riverside Trail (1.1 km) begins and ends in the picturesque landscape, a feature of the history of the site. View the river from various lookouts and get a glimpse of the Greek Revival
mansion, a focal point on the site. The trail meanders past the Thompson family cemetery but also leads to the Fox Den Trail.

Fox Den Trail

~ 0.5km

The Fox Den Trail (0.5 km) takes you closer to the river and at one point has a small beach area where you will have a good view of Slink Island (part of the Ruthven estate).

Carolinian Woodland Trail

~ 0.85km

The Carolinian Woodland Trail (0.85 km) takes you through the forest and along a freshwater stream which flows to the Grand River. In season you will see a variety of native wildflowers in
full bloom or the calls of songbirds as you stroll through the trail. On a year-round basis, discover the diversity of trees and woodland plants, and just relax and enjoy nature. Please note: This trail is currently closed to visitors due to ongoing flooding and erosion concerns!

Butterfly Meadow Trail

~ 0.23km

The Butterfly Trail (0.23 km) takes you through the meadow filled with native plants which attract birds and butterflies.

Indiana Trail

~ 0.45km

A flat trail called the Indiana Trail (0.45 km) is good for an easy walk. This trail walks through the historic ghost town of Indiana and passes next to the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery.

Free parking is available, along with accessible public washrooms. Bring a picnic to fuel up before or after your hike; we have several picnic tables and outdoor spots for lunch for you to choose from. 

Access to the trails and grounds is by pay-what-you-can donation. Donations help support the ongoing study, maintenance and preservation of the site. Donation boxes can be found at the entrance gate, by the public washroom building and in the Welcome Centre office. 

The trails are open during office hours. Visiting outside of these hours when the site is not staffed is considered to be trespassing as the property is under private ownership.